Thursday, October 02, 2003

In our country, the Islamic Republic, they want to execute a woman who has killed a man. She allegedly acted in self-defense in order to protect herself from being raped. Afsaneh Nouroozi, 32, was reportedly arrested six years ago after killing the head of police intelligence in Kish island. She was nevertheless sentenced to death, and the sentence is reported to have been upheld by the supreme court last month. The only person able to grant clemency at this stage is the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The Islamic republic does not stand to any obligations. Neither Islam nor humanity; they just crave power. And they want to gain it in any possible price. The life of people is of no value in this game.

The Article 61 of the Islamic Criminal Law states: "If whilst defending one's life, honor, chastity, property or freedom against any immediate or imminent aggression, one makes an action which is an offence, provided that all of the following conditions are met, one will not be prosecuted and punished: a - The defense is proportionate to danger or aggression; b - the action is not excessive; c - calling the governmental forces is not possible immediately, or calling them is not effective in repelling the aggression or danger."

But The fact that the man was the Head of Police Intelligence of the Islamic Republic can easily disregard any law article. It can divert the law.

Life of a woman, a human being can be easily neglected. She has to be punished. She has to be put out off the way. She has to be executed so that the people of the land of pure Islam would learn and remember that if the raper is the head of Police, the action is not called crime or aggression. Maybe the poor woman should have been grateful to the adulterer instead of killing him, defending her dignity and honor!...

Let's Raise Our Voice Against the Imminent Execution of Afsaneh Nouroozi in Iran

Wednesday, October 01, 2003


Sunday, September 28, 2003

Following my last post, I decided to make a quick translation of Dr. Farjami's quotes on web logs... What if our universities would not have such bright-minded, knowledgeable professors?!!

"Web logging has turned into being irrecoverable like opium somehow" Dr. Yaghob Farjami, the instructor of Tehran University, Faculty of Science has stated these in an Interview with ISNA, Iran Students' News Agency.
"The advent of computer and its wonderful improvements will indeed have enormous social and cultural effects. Maybe we are not in the right situation or time to feel or observe these changes yet, but we are undoubtedly about to start such era."
"Those who own a blog usually dedicate themselves to it to such an extent that it keeps them from their positive and useful duties."
Taking the young population of Iran into consideration, he stated: "Nice words have hypnotic and metamorphic effects on the young; and this can be abused to control the young's mind. This is what they are going to do in the world of weblogs which involves and impresses young people and university students more. On the other hand internet is still a big deal in our society and having a web page is considered something serious and of great importance for ordinary people!"
This university professor, adding that he did not oppose having an open space said: "Weblog is an open space which uncontrolled use of it can drag the youngsters' mind into metamorphism and slavery."(!!!)
"If there is no serious control over weblog's world, it will have tremendous negative effects on the ideology, believes and thoughts of the young in future. And by means of this phenomenon evil forces can control the society."
Asserting there are not enough technological facilities to block the blogs, Dr. Farjami said: "To fight such risks, we have to raise ideologically strong and logic young. We have to launch their minds as their most important and valuable part, and make them understand that they should not let others engrave what they want in their minds."
About taking a good advantage of this web space as web log he said:” The young people have sharp-sighted eyes and sensitive hearts and we should help them. There should be practical places to answer their questions, and make them close to Koran and familiar with the realities of religion."

Moral of this story, for youngsters; in order to have your sights clean, write down these word ten times each: Positive, Useful, Abused, Metamorphism, Slavery, Evil, Others, Religion...

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