Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ahmadinejad may only be a puppet but he definitely puts face to one of the most shameless people in the world. He and his puppeteers have started a deceitful,ugly,and fearful game which no one can predict its outcome. What makes it more frightening is that we are not dealing with normal people. These are rotten souls that are desperately trying to cling to dear life with all they have left. This is a rootless maniac who does not give a damn killing people, destroying countries and ruining the whole world. It has been forcefully demonstrated so far not just in Iran but in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq. They have sacrificed innocent people to stabilize their shaky ground.
"If I can't be, let the whole world be gone"!
Insisting on this insanity, he is being pushed more and more into the corner. Dragging millions of innocents with him. We have already been charged millions of arms and legs. How much more do we have to pay?


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