Monday, March 10, 2008

Head of Tehran's Revolutionary Guards who is the direct person in charge of a ‘project to capture villains and street bullies’ was arrested in a brothel enjoying himself with 6 naked prostitutes.
Due to the close relationship between the Revolutionary Guard Commander and Tehran’s General Prosecutor, the seize was planned without Judge Mortazavi’s consent and performed in top secrecy under direct supervision of Ayatollah Shahroudi head of Legislative Power in Iran.
During investigations the arrested women declared that the Commander told them to take off their clothes and pray in nude in a group!
source: Pakenet


Anonymous مازیار said...

عیدت مبارک!

عجب خبری!!!

1:15 AM  
Anonymous مازیار said...

اون شعری که تو وبلاگ فارسیت نوشتی عجیب وصف الحال وضعیت اونجاست.

12:28 AM  

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